खुल्यो !      खुल्यो !       भर्ना खुल्यो !!
  विजय सामुदायिक शिक्षा सदनमा  कक्षा नर्सरी देखि कक्षा नौ सम्म

सिमित  सिटहरुमा भर्ना खुल्यो । 

१- योग्य, दक्ष एवं अनुभवी शिक्षक- शिक्षिकाहरु द्वारा अध्यापन गराईने ।
२- सुन्दर, शान्त र पूर्ण शैक्षिक बातावरण ।
३- खानेपानी, शौचालय, पुस्तकालय तथा प्रयोगशालाको पर्याप्त सुविधा ।
४- एस. एल. सी. मा सत् प्रतिशत उत्तीर्ण रिजल्ट सहित 90% सम्म ल्याउन सफल ।
५- आफ्नै सुविधा सम्पन्न भवन, प्रयाप्त खेल मैदान ।
६- बालमैत्री शैक्षिक एवं भौतिक बातावरण ।
७- श्रव्य,दृश्य, शैक्षिक सामाग्री सहित आकर्षक कक्षाहरु ।


Admission process

Interested students will apply for admission submitting photocopies of marksheet and certificates of  equivalent Class with application. The application form is available in the school office during the school hours.


There is the provisions of scholarship in different categories for the deserving students. The students having excellent academic records, the poor and genius, the disabled, the Dalits, students recommended by different co-operatives, social organizations and community schools will get full or partial scholarship to study in the school. The students seeking scholarship must drop an application for scholarship for scholarship within a month of admission.


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